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Japanese teacher instead of a salary worker

Lots of Japanese people will chose to be a salary worker after they graduate the university. That's what we are always told to be since we are kids including my family. People believe that is the safest and happiest path. If you say you want to be different, people will see you like a crazy person and say " you should not do that. It is too risky!"

I always wanted to be different than other people. Doing the same thing as others makes me depressed. But I did not know what I want to do and I was also afraid to be told that "you are going to fail."

Live your life with doing something you absolutely hate but safer OR doing something love but risky.

I chose the latter one. Because life has the end. If I know there is the ending, then I want to enjoy it.

I just started this business a year ago and fortunately I have over 20 students who have been taking my lessons weekly. They always enjoy my lesson and tell me how fun it is and refer to other people. That is my motivation and happiness.

I want them to think my lesson is meaningful and worth paying. That is why I always ask them if they are satisfied with my lesson. If they have some requests, I will adjust my lessons. I just like to see when they are happy and enjoy learning.

I am so glad that I started doing this business. It is still small but the things I learn and get from this experience have been very precious for me.

Thank you my students for taking my lesson. I always appreciate you!!😊

日本人の多くは、大学卒業後にサラリーマンまたはOLとしての仕事を選択します。子どもの頃からそうなるように言われてきています。私の家族もそうでした。それが一番安全で、幸せな道なのだと… 人と違うことをしたいと言うと、周りから「やめた方がいい、リスキーだから」と言われます。










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