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My students got 1st place in their speech competition !!!!

My students, Holland-chan and Keane-kun have been taking my lesson over a year. They are brother and sister and came to Japan about 2 years ago.

Their mom, Brittney-san started to take a lesson with me first and then she introduced me to her kids. I remember I was really amazed by their Japanese. Though their mother tongue is English, their leaning speed was incredible.

Brittney-san told me that the speech contest is coming soon for her kids that she wants me to fix their speech. She sent me their writing and I prepared the lesson for them.

It's interesting to see their writing because it shows your personality well.

Holland-chan's writing

Keane-kun's writing

We did a whole lesson for this speech. I fixed their some grammar mistake and practiced reading with them. They were very encouraged !! Their mom told me that they joined the speech competition last year but they did not have any idea how it goes and found out that they had to memorize their speech. It was not enough time for them to practice that it did not go well but they saw that the winner got some gifts and wanted to try it again next year.

This time, they both memorized their speech before the competition!!

Next day, Brittany-san told me that they both got first place in their age division.

It's amazing !!!! ( and yes ! they got some gifts ! )

They told me later that they got nervous but they were so happy about what they've accomplished. Their smile and those positive experience in Japan makes me happy!

Here is the speech video and translation ! ( from Brittany-san )

I am looking forward to seeing their growth !!

Congratulation ! おめでとうございます!


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