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Amazing gift from my student !!

Today, I got amazing gifts from my student !!! She is one of my first students and has been taking my lessons about a year now.

She started as a complete beginner. She could not read Hiragana or Katakana and the only words she knew was basic greetings and "Thank you". When she contacted me for the first time, she said she is really serious that she wants to take lessons 4 times a week. I was really amazed by her motivation.

She started learning from Hiragana and Katakana. It is very difficult for especially beginners to remember Japanese characters. It takes time and you need to practice a lot. She was studying very hard. After about a month, she started to read Hiragana without a sheet. It was very small step but definitely she was improving.

During the lesson, she tells me a story that she could read some Hiragana in a restaurant or ask some staffs in Japanese. (she lives in Japan) Every time I hear those stories, that became my motivation.

It's been almost a year, although she is busy with her family things and sometimes cannot take lessons with me, she now knows some kanji, basic grammar and can have a small conversation with local people.

Learning a language is not easy thing. If you want to speak a language fluently, you need lots of work. Yes, remembering Hiragana and Katakana is a nightmare... However, if you have a definite goal and are serious, you could do it. It's ok if you are slow, everyone has their own pace. Just do not stop. I will walk with you and support your study 😊


彼女は、全くの初心者からスタートしました。ひらがな、カタカナも全く知らなくて、唯一知っているのは、「ありがとうございます」でした。最初に彼女から 日本語を学びたいという連絡をもらったとき、とても真剣で週に4回レッスンを受けたいとのことでした。私は彼女のモチベーションの高さに圧倒されました。





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