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About Lesson

All lessons are customized according to the students. I understand that some students have ADD/ADHD and are having difficulty focusing, others are busy and cannot have enough time to study. This is why I offer 20min and 40min lessons where you can do a lesson in a short amount of time. I welcome all levels; from complete beginner to business level, JLPT study, other subjects ( since some of my students are going to a Japanese school). After the lesson, I will give you all the materials that I used in the lesson so that you can review them at home. 

I also have some sub-teachers. They are all native Japanese speakers and they will be available when I am not available for lessons, however I still make materials for all students so all my sub-teachers will record the lesson to share with me.

My goal is to make lessons fun and teach not only language but also culture. I want my students to enjoy their lesson, learn something, and feel that their lessons are worth the fee. Fortunately, they often give me compliments, and that is always my motivation.

Cancellation & Payment

If students cancel or do not show up on a lesson day (unless it's emergency), I will keep the fee. If students let me know one day before a lesson, I will reschedule. Thank you for your understanding! 

As for the payment, you can use a credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal etc..

We recommend PayPal in case for refund.


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